Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Is Intolerance a Good Thing?

According to health experts, having a high alcohol tolerance is a bad sign. I disagree. As we should be tolerant of others who may have different religious, social, or romantic values, we should also be tolerant of alcohol and all of the friendly pranks it can play on our minds, hearts, and livers.

Like most forms of tolerance, alcohol tolerance is easiest to teach to the young. Studies show that binge drinking at an early age can lead to increased alcohol tolerance later on in life. What better way to prepare your children for the rigors of college life than by giving them a celebratory six pack every time they bring home a good report card?

Okay, I'm just kidding (to a point). Binge drinking children aren't cool. But I also think that there's an unnecessary hate out there for having a high alcohol tolerance. Alcohol is our misunderstood friend. Remember, Science has proven that it's better to keep drinking than to stop.

Keep that in mind when you're out having fun tonight. Happy New Year!

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Don said...

Nice part about not being a binge drinker is it's really cheap to get drunk. I dated a girl once that it took two beers to get her wasted. It was great! It never made any difference how the date went. She always thought it was good...

Rochelle Miller said...

Though I fully support your right to express your opinions, I wish to put in my 2cents worth. I used to drink beer and liquor in my hay-day. Since then I have wised up! Alcohol does damage to the brain, not to mention what it does to the body (i.e. liver damage, etc...). It is my hope that young people will wise up to the effects of alcohol before any damage is done to either the brain and body, high tolerance or no, it doesn't matter!
Thank you for allowing me this space! -DD

Stanley! said...

Hi Don!
Cheap dates are good like that. The problem is that longer courtships allow people enough time to develop a tolerance.

I don't know if you had a fallback plan in case that happened, but I can tell you that my A-Game (a bag of potato chips and reruns of TNT's "New Classics") was NOT able to "bring it" when the participants were sober. :(

Hi, Rochelle!
I appreciate your respectful tone, thanks for stopping by! I agree that cirrhosis is no fun.

But are you saying that we can't drink ANY alcohol? That would make me sad, and we'd have to just agree to disagree in that case.

Your message of keeping kids from doing damage to their bodies with alcohol is something I agree with 100%.

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