Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey, Europe! Nitrogen Is Murder!

The University of Alberta, University of Minnesota, and the Freshwater Institute have just wrapped up a study that involved 37 years of data, and it says that Europe is killing its freshwater lakes.

I don't know if they've found the key to saving the world's lakes as their press release claims, but it sounds like they've figured out how to stop damaging them, and that's a start.

The issue is eutrophication, a big word that means the addition of nutrients, and it causes things like algae blooms and fish kills. The European Union has been trying to control the eutrophication of its lakes by conrolling the levels of phosphorous and nitrogen added to the lakes. This study says that nitrogen controls don't work. In fact, controlling the levels of nitrogen may make things worse.

Naturally, I expect the results of this study to be disputed in short order.

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