Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Jim Smith, this is Jim Smith, I was wondering if you knew whether Jim Smith had a chance to go over Jim Smith's application with Jim Smith"

Okay, seriously, when you start seeing "Jim Smith" repeated over and over it begins to look a little weird. Still, some guy (some guy named Jim Smith, actually) started a Jim Smith Society. To join you have to be named Jim Smith, but they already have 1,902 members named Jim Smith, including 2 women named Jimmy Anne Smith. Really.

Apparently, they have their own league of Smiths playing baseball, and the "Jim Smith Society Fun Fest" organizes other competitive events for Jim Smiths. Including a golf tournament. The linked article notes how the Jims are both thrifty and practical, able to prepare the winning trophy in advance of the tournament because they "know who's going to win."

The Society actually has a board, composed of members named Jim Smith. I wonder what their membership dues are like. Then again, I wonder how hard it would be to change my name to Jim Smith. Speaking of which, if you change your name after joining, do you get kicked out of the Society?

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