Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keep Your Surgeries out of My Orifices

Okay, this whole surgery without external incisions business is getting a little crazy. I mean, now they're performing gastrectomies--removing part of the stomach to assist in weight loss--through "natural orifices" (in this case, the vagina).

I swear that they're just competing to see who can pull what out of where now. There's no end to the stories about the orifices that doctors have decided to pull things out of.

If you had surgery scheduled, would you want an incision done the old-fashioned way, or through the new natural orifice entry technique? I say slice me open. I'd like to keep my orifices to be used the way god intended, and I don't think god intended for me to have a kidney transplant performed via the anus.

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