Saturday, October 4, 2008

Same Problems, Different Causes

This study has it all. Violence, exploitation of children, gender bias, you name it.

Researchers studied kids with "conduct problems" like ADHD or oppositional defiance disorder. Kids with and without problems were asked to play video games for money (as much as $50 at a time!). Then the scientists monitored things like heart rate and how much they would sweat.

It turns out that the boys with conduct problems are physically calmer (lower heart rate, less sweat) at rest AND while gaming for dollars -- suggesting that it's not a conduct PROBLEM, it's a conduct SOLUTION -- than their counterparts without problems. On the other hand, this physical distinction doesn't manifest between girls with problems and girls without.

Ultimately, the researchers are saying that the source of the problems may be different in girls and boys, so they should be studied separately. I just wish a medical study would pay ME $50 to play video games.

Sorry. I wanted to, but couldn't figure out how to make a catfight reference in this post.

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