Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just What We Didn't Need More Of

Parasitic wasps. Wasps that lay eggs under the skin of their victims. Researchers-who apparently have nothing better to do-have been studying parasitic wasps that lay eggs under the skin of their caterpillar prey, and have already found them to be a member of one of the most diverse groups of insects on earth, but have now announced that they are even more diverse than they originally thought.

I'm a fan of evolution and all. It can lead to some pretty neat things. But I hate wasps. I mean really, flying sting machines were bad enough, but flying sting machines that lay eggs under your skin? No thank you!

Still, it turns out that these various wasps have become highly specialized. Some species of wasps only prey on one or two specific types of caterpillar, which reminds me of that milkweed that evolved to fight specific types of predators. Weird.

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