Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Warfare in the New Millennium: E-mailed Rumors of Homosexuality

Cyber-attacks are the new air-dropped propoganda leaflets. Even countries that aren't officially at war have been bombarding each other with Denial-of-Service attacks and virus-laden e-mails. Recently, the conflict in Georgia touched off attacks that used a combination of high-tech viruses and childish taunts.

Apparently, Russian computers sent e-mails designed to look like they were BBC stories announcing that the Georgian president was a homosexual. This was detected by the "Spam Data Mine" of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The chilling part is that at the time the e-mails were sent, the majority of anti-virus software was unable to detect that anything was wrong.

I guess that you should be careful about following links to weird stories that make improbable claims, like global warming correcting itself.

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background checks said...

With todays news media featuring conflicting facts, it's hard to know whats correct or not.

Stanley! said...

I just assume that if it's news that I'm happy to hear, then it's probably false.

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