Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spanking is a Gateway Abuse

Parents out there still spank, and that's fine. I mean, whatever, who am I to tell you how to raise your kids. They'll just turn out to be sexual deviants, that's all.

Anyway, UNC has studied the link between spanking and physical abuse, and they think that the two are connected. The study, which may make good reading for spanking fetishists, consisted of calling parents anonymously and asking them if they spanked their children, if they spanked their children using an object like a belt or a switch, and if they used harsher forms of corporal punishment (i.e., child abuse). The original survey had intended to include a question as to whether the spankings were administered to dirty little sluts who were asking for it, but they couldn't afford the extra charge of $5.99/minute (ZING!).

I don't know how groundbreaking this survey really is. Some parents admit to spanking their children. Of those parents, some of them admit to going one step further and abusing their children. Well, that was time well spent. I'm glad we were able to clear up such a nuanced issue.

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