Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nanoships and Nanoshipping

Sure, we've done a lot of studies on how things move around inside the body, but it's about time we got into the game ourselves. UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and MIT picked up the gauntlet, designing nano-sized vehicles (that they adorably call "cargo ships") to move things through the body.

Wy do you need a fleet of cargo ships cruising your body, carousing in their next port of call and collecting stories to tell when they make it back home? Because these cargo ships can deliver all sorts of helpful compounds like medecines and drugs to destroy tumors. The tricky part was keeping the body from attacking the nanoships, but they think they've figured out how to deal with that.

The best part is that I'm absoulutely certain that this technology will only be used to deliver beneficial products to the body parts that need them. There is no way whatsoever that the government could subvert this technology to deliver harmful substances to specific parts of certain troublemakers.

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